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E-Health is an important building block of the new digital era. Patients, doctors and nurses are increasingly using Information & Communication Technology to search for information, to communicate and to exchange information. Some examples are the online reporting of blood coagulation values ​​by patients, video contact with home care, home automation, tele-consultation between healthcare providers, tele-monitoring of patients with chronic conditions and today's online information on medication such as the upcoming Electronic Product Information. All this aims to further increase accessible, high-quality and cost-effective care and to contribute to more individualised management of patients.

Objectives of the ESNO in this field are: firstly, to support the activities of ESNO members related to eHealth, secondly, to pay attention to the consequences of e-Health for the training and functioning of specialist nurses and thirdly, to initiate guidance to specialist nurses who are new to e-Health. The ESNO encourages the development, assessment and use of e-Health together with others including healthcare providers, patients and health insurers.

Key activities include:
• To establish an e-Health committee during 2020
• To raise the awareness of the opportunities that e-Health has to offer
• To initiate development, research and education of e-Health with Specialist Nurses. to contribute to the harmonization of Specialist Nurses at a European level under the directive of professional qualification, by gathering the outcomes from a variety of activities involving a wide range of international experts. The goal is to increase the competitiveness of the European Specialist Nurse by improving the level of qualification of nurses in advanced positions and other nursing professionals, and through a better provision of qualified personnel in health, in order to achieve higher standards of safety, environmental protection and efficiency.


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