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We are thrilled to announce the establishment of the ESNO Focus Group on Nursing and the Digital Domain.

As the field of nursing rapidly evolves, it is essential to embrace the potential of digital technologies and ensure that nurses are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to
thrive in this digital era.

The ESNO Focus Group on Nursing and the Digital Domain aims to bring together experts, practitioners, educators, and policymakers from across Europe to explore the intersection of nursing and technology. By harnessing the power of digital advancements, we strive to enhance patient care, improve healthcare systems, and empower nurses in their professional roles. Key objectives of the ESNO Focus Group include:

1/ Identifying digital health trends: We will monitor and analyse emerging digital health technologies in health with trends to identify their potential impact on nursing practice and patient outcomes.
2/ Assessing digital competence: We will evaluate the current digital competence levels among nurses and develop strategies to enhance their skills in utilizing digital tools effectively.
3/ Advocating for digital literacy: We will advocate for the integration of digital literacy into nursing education and lifelong learning programs, ensuring that nurses are equipped with the necessary competencies to navigate the digital domain.
4. Promoting best practices: We will share best practices and success stories in the application of digital technologies in nursing, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among professionals.
Influencing European policy and standards: We will actively engage with European policymakers and relevant stakeholders to shape policies and standards that promote the responsible and ethical use of digital technologies in nursing practice.

We invite nurses, nursing associations, healthcare organizations, industry representatives, and other interested parties to join the ESNO Focus Group on Nursing and the Digital Domain. Your expertise and contributions will be invaluable in shaping the future of nursing in the digital age in health.

To express your interest in participating or to learn more about the ESNO Focus Group, please contact us at Together, we can drive innovation, facilitate digital transformation, and elevate the nursing profession to new heights.

We look forward to your involvement and the positive impact we can create through this exciting initiative.
Gianlucca Conte and Yakov Zhitomirsky

For the next 4 years ESNO will be participating in 2 Erasmus-plus programs, BeWell and EUVECA.
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BeWell - Blueprint Alliance for Future Health Workforce Strategy on Digital And Green Skills

The BeWell strategy will prepare the health workforce for future challenges, ever-changing societal context and evolving expectations. The European-wide consortium includes employers, trade associations, trade unions, health professionals such as specialist nurses and much more.
The project contributes to the Pact for Skills initiative under the European Skills Agenda 2020 This agenda aims to empower the healthcare workforce to participate in the twin transition. The Pact will facilitate collaboration between a wide range of public and private stakeholders by setting up a large-scale skills partnership which embraces local, regional and national levels.
George Valiotis, Executive Director of EHMA, and Project Coordinator of BeWell expressed his excitement about the project: “BeWell should empower health workers to build healthier and more resilient societies. It will not only tap into the potential of investments in skills of health professionals of today, but will also prepare the next generation of health workers. This initiative could respond to Europe’s societal call for more accessible and more effective health systems. It would be crucial to ensure that patients’ experience and needs are taken into account in the design and roll-out of the curricula. Health professionals know best about their what patients’ needs, so working closely with them is a precondition to fully exploit the potential of this initiative.
Katarzyna Ptak-Bufkens, Policy Officer at DG SANTE

If you, as a specialist nurse, are interested to engage, please contact the ESNO office.
BeWell website will be launched soon


EUVECA - European platform for Seven Vocational Excellence trainings in Health Care 

The overall ambition of the EUVECA project is to show that by including a strategic and coordinated focus on VET in the work and collaboration within the regional health ecosystems, VET can contribute in a substantial way to move innovation forward within the European health care sector and ensure the sustainability of the sector on both a European and regional level.
The overall objectives are:
1. Increasing the quality and attractiveness of vocational training and lifelong learning within the European health care sector and within health care education.
2. Contributing to the implementation of the European skills agenda by ensuring continuous and high quality VET to professionals in the health care sector focusing on improved and tailored lifelong skills training, covering 21st century skills.
3. Contributing to the implementation of the European Education Area by creating long term sustainable collaboration within higher education and VET.
A European platform will be developed, tested, fine-tuned and made sustainable to uptake regional partnerships beyond the partnership.
7 Regional Vocational Excellence Hubs
South Denmark (DK) - Lubeck (DK)
Bergen (NO) - Valencia (ES) - Ljubljana (SL) - Twente (NL) - Trento (IT)

If you, as a specialist nurse, are interested to engage, please contact the ESNO office.

EUVECA website will be launched soon



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