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In the process towards harmonization and development of a common training framework for Specialists Nurses, ESNO developed a series of activities.


The objectives, systems, schemes, concepts and education methods of Specialist Nurses vary considerably among Member States of the European Union. This variety, resulting from mainly historical reasons, has often led to an inefficient and ineffective use of human and financial resources and to a lack of integration in national education and training systems. In turn, this has contributed to the inefficient professional understanding and engagement in health workforce systems. The absence of regulation has not only affected the availability of a sufficient number of qualified specialist nurses in EU countries, but it has also had a negative impact on the provision of advanced nursing personnel with specialties in key positions in the health environment. Furthermore, the considerable variety hampers the mobility of specialist nurses within the countries of the EU.


ESNO aims to contribute to the harmonization of Specialist Nurses at a European level under the directive of professional qualification, by gathering the outcomes from a variety of activities involving a wide range of international experts. The goal is to increase the competitiveness of the European Specialist Nurse by improving the level of qualification of nurses in advanced positions and other nursing professionals, and through a better provision of qualified personnel in health, in order to achieve higher standards of safety, environmental protection and efficiency.


• Developing a Competences of the Nurse specialist(NS):
Common plinth of competences for a Common Training Framework of each specialty. READ MORE

• Working on a definition of a common Nurse Specialist training framework by a feasibility study for each specialty. This consortium is developing a common training framework for each specialty nurse as an exemplar for specialist nurses working in other health contexts. The framework aims to standardise the skills and training of nurse specialists across Europe to enhance care quality, improve health care outcomes and reduce care costs.


• We contribute to the development of harmonized training framework, their implementation and taking into account the use of modern education technologies and requirements such as accreditation.

• We provide better understanding of the revised directives of professional qualification, and suggest a harmonized approach to better meet its requirements.

• We enhance the employability and facilitate the professional mobility within European countries.


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