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The ESNO Declaration comprises 10 recommendations to enhance the role of Specialist Nurses and to advance the level of healthcare towards 2030. 

  1. Enhance specialist nurses' professional education and promote continuing Professional Development to improve staff retention and ensure the delivery of qualitative care. 
  2. Develop a harmonised framework for the recognition of certificates, level of autonomy diplomas and degrees in the European Union for the healthcare workforce to facilitate seamless mobility and ensure consistent standards across Member States.
  3. More specifically, establish a European framework for the automatic recognition of specialist nursing qualifications to streamline the recognition process and ensure consistent standards across Member States.
  4. Improve financial conditions for nurses by offering competitive salaries and benefits that reflect their competencies, knowledge, skills, and contributions to patient care. 
  5. Create positive and supportive work environments by ensuring reasonable workloads, manageable shift schedules and safety at work requirements to prevent burnout and job dissatisfaction.
  6. Provide clear career pathways and opportunities for professional growth to attract and retain specialist nurses in the healthcare workforce. 
  7. Offer financial assistance, relocation support, and competitive compensation packages to address financial considerations and promote effective professional engagement in (European) health programs.
  8. Integrate critical education and training programmes on green, digital and microbiology awareness into healthcare curricula to promote sustainability and professional literacy in the sector. 
  9. Harmonise prescribing practices, formal and informal and educational standards for nurses across the EU to optimise patient care and recognise the expanding role of nurses in pharmaceutical healthcare delivery. 
  10. Foster interdisciplinary collaboration among healthcare professionals through shared decision-making, clear communication channels, and opportunities for interdisciplinary education and training. 



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