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ESNO Project: European Nurses' guide
to Anti-Microbial Resistance, Vaccination and Infection Control

The members of the European Specialist Nurses Organisation (ESNO) are creating a comprehensive guide for nurses in Europe. This aims to equip nurses to be able to address the increasing health threat related to preventable infections. The work will be carried out by a focus group of nurse academics, experts and professional nurses with experience across a variety of health domains.

The guide will cover the basics of microbial infections, the methods of treatment, issues around antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and the role of vaccination and infection control. Its key role will be to provide an information resource to support communication and education for nurses and patients. The goal is to have the English language guide published and launched in Brussels in April 2020, during European Immunization Week.

The members of ESNO recognize the concerns across Europe relating to the ongoing increase in AMR, and the worryingly low uptake of vaccination by the general public, nurses and healthcare professionals. There is a lack of knowledge about microbes, microbial infections, hygiene, infection prevention and infection control. Added to this is the absence of engagement with these fundamental concepts within healthcare. This group aims to restore a commitment to this elementary aspect of health in an accessible and easy-to-understand format.


The guide focus group is made up of seven specialist nurse academics and professional nurses with experience across a variety of health domains around AMR, stewardship, vaccination, and infection control. This group is responsible for developing the five modules that will make up the guide.
The nurse-led focus group will receive support from a wider reference group, including experts from EU-JAMRAI (European Joint Action on antimicrobial resistance and healthcare-associated infections) and ECDC (European
Centre for Disease Prevention and Control). The focus group will also work with nurses from a variety of European regions and healthcare specialities, including those in ESNO member constituencies. Feedback will be incorporated into the guide.


Our focus group will create a guide for nurses, made up of five modules. The aim of the guide is to support nurses as they deal with microbial infections, hygiene and infection control.
The five modules will provide information and communication resources on the basics of microbial infections, the methods of treatment, issues around AMR and antimicrobial stewardship, and the role of vaccination and infection control. The guide will be available as a pocket-size book, and will be translated into all European languages.
The English language printed guide will be made available in April 2020, at a launch congress and masterclass held during European Immunization Week. The guide will also be translated into European languages, and will provide the basis for online and mobile resources and educational activities.

 • 15 April - guide is complete
• 28 April - guide launched on-line
• May - translation and distribution begins
• September - second edition started
• 11-17 November - Launch event of second edition (during AMR awareness week)

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