Interested applicants for membership expected to support and contribute the aims of
the ESNO. Request for membership will be considered at the ESNO Council Meeting following receipt of your application.

Applications for membership should be addressed to the ESNO
Executive Secretary under the following criteria:

Brief statement about your organization (please limit to 500 words)

Supportive information about membership profile (such as number of members and countries/associations)

Please inform us of existing or planned affiliations with other organizations

Following a successful application the new organization is expected to identify a named representative from
that organization. This representative will be a full member of the ESNO Council with voting rights.

Membership will became effective on receipt of membership fee.

It is essential that the representative is a nurse with relevant specialist experience.

Your representative is expected to participate fully in the activities of ESNO, including attendance at meetings.

The cost of attendance to ESNO Council Meetings is the responsibility of your organization.

The application can be supported with a reference of an existing ESNO member organization or recommendation
with source you received an invitation to become a member.


In case an association or network like to attend an ESNO meeting prior to the application, the concerning
association or network can join in a ‘Observer’ status and attend the meeting contacting the office.


+31 (0)6 2334086 
Rue Belliard 15-17 (6th floor)
1040 Brussels

ESNO is registered with the European Commission Transparency: Registration 70183498905-52