ESNO considers it as an ethical duty that specialist nurses engage in Continuing Professional development (CPD) activities. Specialist Nurses, like other healthcare professionals, have to remain fit for practice to provide patients with the highest quality of care possible. In this respect, engaging into CPD activities is crucial to ensure that specialist nurses remain up-to-date with the latest scientific and medical development in their field. Given the current challenge for specialist nurses provide high quality of care and the greater expectations from citizens
and decision-makers, ESNO decided to establish a European accreditation system for educational activities for specialist nurses.

The objective of this initiative is to evaluate and provide accreditation for educational activities for specialist
nurses (congress, symposium, short term courses, on-line module) and give them European CPD credits. Such credits would allow nurses to prove that they have fulfilled their commitment to continuously improve their competence (CPD) to provide high quality of care to patients.

The accreditation process will be supported by a dedicated website that will ensure smooth running of the process. Basically, organisors of educational activities organised in Europe have to submit an application online; the application is checked from an administrative viewpoint and then sent to experts from ESNO for scientific and technical evaluation. Once the evaluation is finished and if positive, a certificate of accreditation is issued to
the applicant.

The experts will evaluate the activity against the following criteria:
Relevance of the work programme to improve nurses competence
Quality of the Work programme (content, environment, relevance)
Quality of the Organising Team (expertise of Team, quality management process in place,)
Impact on the participant (achievement of learning objectives)
Transparency (funding, affiliations of speakers disclosed)

The added value of European accreditation is that it invites organisers of CPD activities to engage into a quality management project through external auditing of their activity. Through accreditation of their activity the applicant demonstrate that it is willing to ensure high quality educational content to the participants.

Applicant organisation will receive a detailed analysis of the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
(SWOT analysis) of their activity and invited to improve it.

European specialist nurses willing to attend a course or symposium in another country could select activities accredited at the European level and be sure that its content has been thoroughly evaluated. It would thus facilitate the mobility of specialist nurses and the exchange of good practices.

ESNO has developed the criteria and procedure for European Accreditation of Educational Activities for specialist Nurses which will be made available after ESNO April meeting 2015. ESNO has also worked on the on-line platform which will underpin the whole process and expects to test it after the summer of 2015 and be fully operational
in February 2016.

ESNO is willing to address the issue of CPD for specialist nurses and contribute to improve the quality of these activities thereby contributing to improve the quality of care provided to patients.


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